Nootropics Affiliate Netting 350$ Per Day – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!

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Nootropic affiliates are raking in big cash, while you’re sitting there watching them do it.

Want to meet one of them?

Today, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that and so much more, as this person decides to reveal it all in this exclusive interview!

Are you ready to unravel the secrets affiliate marketers have been using for years to generate an enviable passive income stream?

Without further ado, here is the interview:

Kristijan Bralo: Thank you for joining us today, it’s nice to have you here!

Anonymous: The pleasure is all mine.

KB: Nootropics, they are making the rounds nowadays, but when you started your website, there was no mention of them anywhere?

A: Yeah, I started my website back in 2014. It was a ghost town. Nowadays, with the crazy growth nootropics have experienced in the last few years, my website has expanded so much that I had to upgrade my hosting package a few times.

KB: You probably spared no expense when it came to that! How did you get into nootropics?

A: I was diagnosed with something called ‘adult ADD’, whatever that means, and the helpful doctors decided to put me on Ritalin, which helped, but gave me terrible headaches and insomnia. I was sleepless most nights and I felt like I was going insane. It was a nightmare.

KB: How did nootropics wiggle their way into the story? Tell us more!

A: Nootropics were something offered by a friend, I think he gave me Phenibut, he was a regular user with similar cognitive issues, only he was diagnosed much earlier than me. I tried Phenibut for a few weeks and felt miles better than I ever did in my entire life. I could focus, my memory was exemplary, I was creative, motivated, the whole nine yards. I felt as if I had rediscovered life.

KB: If it was good enough for Russian cosmonauts, it’s good enough for us! When did the idea of a website spring to mind?

A: I was toying around the idea of owning a website as far back as 2007, but never really had any topics of interest. Websites need content to thrive and if you’re out of ideas, you’ll just spend your time staring at a blank page. Nootropics gave me back my life and I felt like I had to give back somehow, that’s how I decided to build a website.

KB: A little bird told me that you’re running quite a successful business and that it all started with your Nootropics affiliate website.

A: Well, yeah, that little bird was me, haha, you’re my writer after all and have helped me make my dreams a reality. I’m indebted to you. The least I could do was share some of my success with you.

KB: Why did you hire me in the first place? If nootropics are so important to you, why didn’t you just write the website yourself? I’m sorry if it feels like I’m putting the squeeze on, I just want to give me readers an interview to remember!

A: Not at all, I understand completely. The thing is, once you start making money, you start thinking of how to scale things up to, you guessed it, make even more money. I was churning out around a thousand words per day, which was just not up to speed with how much my website demanded, so I’ve decided to outsource.

KB: Yeah, that happens to many websites. Good thing you had the wherewithal to expand your business. And now the sixty-four thousand dollar question, how much money does your Nootropics affiliate website make?

A: I make around 200 to 500$ every day, depending on the month.

KB: Wow, I feel like I’ve chosen the wrong profession, should have just made my own affiliate website! That begs the question, what prevents someone from replicating your success?

A: Money and time. I didn’t just start making these figures on the first day. It took two years, TWO YEARS to make my first affiliate sale, do you have that much time? Will you be able to sustain yourself for that long? These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself before starting an online business. Money is also a problem, I invested nearly 30000$ into the site before it became profitable. Hell, my parents thought I was insane, but I had a dream, passion and luck to carry me through it all.

KB: This is inspiring, but also a bit disheartening. You’re telling us that without at least thirty grand to splurge, we don’t stand a ghost of a chance in the affiliate world?

A: You need content. You need backlinks. It all costs so much money.

KB: I know what you mean and would like to thank you for your honesty. Last question, why did you decide to conceal your identity? You don’t seem like the type of person to run away from anything.

A: You have to understand that I’m making a killing which makes me a target. Hell, some twelve-year old hacker is probably on the case right now as we speak.

KB: It would have been nice to have an identity behind the persona, but I get what you mean. Do whatever you gotta do to protect yourself. Thank you for being with us today and until next time!

A: Thank you as well!

This was the story of one of my biggest clients to date. We’ve worked together for over a year and he has been nothing but kind to me.

Are you feeling up to the task? Want to build your own Nootropics affiliate website?

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice. I can’t promise any financial or monetary gain from opening a Nootropics website. Do your own due diligence before starting a website.

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