How To Make A Nootropics Affiliate Marketing Website

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Making a nootropics affiliate marketing website may seem like a hard feat, but with my helpful hand, you’ll be well on your way to having your own Nootropics website.

I’ll assume that you already have the basics out of the way, such as a domain name and hosting.

If not, get your domain name from Namesilo and your hosting package from Siteground or iWebFusion.

I won’t go into the finer details of why you should go with these three, you’ll just have to trust me based on my experience.

Now that we have the essentials covered, let’s focus on the things you need to make your nootropics affiliate marketing website complete.


Either you or a Nootropics writer with years of professional experience in the craft is responsible for creating the content on your website. Content, along with backlinks from reputable sites are the two backbones of your site, and you should never shirk them.

There are two different types of content your Nootropics website needs in order to succeed:

  • Informative articles
  • ‘’money-making’’ articles

Informative articles mostly present themselves as questions about the niche, such as ‘Do nootropics make you high?’

There is little opportunity to make money out of such an article, they serve more to let your reader know that you’re a reliable source of information.

Once your readers feast on some of your informative articles, it’s time to serve them their main meal, your money-making articles.

You’ll often see titles such as ‘Best Nootropic Vendor in 2021’ or ‘Best Nootropics to Buy’, these are good examples of the latter type of article.

This is how your site turns a profit and how some Nootropic affiliates end up making 300 to 400$ per day.

As previously mentioned, you can hire some two-bit nobody to write for your site or you can hire me, someone with the gumption, experience and knowledge necessary to succeed in this field.


I won’t spend too much time talking about backlinks, since they are not my area of expertise.

One thing to note is that AI is the future of Google and as unappealing as it sounds, the world.

The main goal of AI is to serve readers what they want and when they want it in the least amount of time possible.

Backlinks are losing relevancy and its content which really steps in as king of the jungle.

For those reasons, it is very important to hire a reliable Nootropics writer that understands the topic at hand, does his research and writes informative, actionable articles based on the most recent data.

A Nootropic Affiliate Program

The Nootropic niche is laden with affiliate programs, all vying for the top spot.

This is where you, as an affiliate, come in. It’s your responsibility to bring customers to vendors, who in return pay you a commission based on your performance.

Since there are a lot of Nootropic affiliate programs to choose from, It’s best that you check out my list and pick a few to start with.

Before blindly opting for an affiliate program, you have to do your due diligence.

Have a look at the vendor’s sales page, explore their website and scrutinize their product(s).

This is the best way of determining which Nootropic affiliate program to go with. Although this plan isn’t bulletproof, it’s the best you can do to stay on top of your game.


Now that you’re ready to make a Nootropics affiliate marketing website, it’s time to put those words into action.

Start the day off strong by hiring the best Nootropic writer on the planet!

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